Prayer Dress Purple

Prayer Dress Purple

Price : $33.00

Prayer dress with attached scarf

Dress measurements:

Mannequin Length: 1.73 cm

S and M:
Shoulder 46cm
Height 136 cm (calculated from the shoulder)

L and XL:
Shoulder 50cm
Height 138 cm (calculated from the shoulder)

2XL and 3XL:
Shoulder 55cm
Height 140 cm (calculated from the shoulder)

Any size available, including the large size

* Jersey Lycra Fabric,
* Does not require ironin.
* It is plain color and patternless fabric.
* For 4 seasons.
* One piece with a headscarf,
* Practical and easy to wear.
* There is no need to use a bone.
* The headscarf looks like a half cape from the front and back, it covers the shoulders up to the chest.
* It does not show the body lines.
* Suitable for use on clothing.
* The arm part is half bat cut, it provides comfortable movement.
* Zero collar.
* It has its own bag, employees, those who go on a journey and those who want to perform their prayers outside can easily carry it in their bags.


Rules for Women’s Attire during Prayer and Usage of Prayer Dress:

The rules for women’s attire during prayer, according to Islamic beliefs, are crucial for maintaining modesty and respect while performing this sacred act. Here are some details about the rules for women’s attire during prayer and the usage of a prayer dress:

1. Attire Rules: Women who are about to pray should dress in a manner that does not reveal the contours of their bodies. Wearing a headscarf (hijab), long garments, and loose-fitting clothes helps ensure appropriate covering during prayer.

2. Usage of Prayer Dress: A prayer dress is a special attire worn during prayer to enhance the experience. It fully conceals the body, allowing better focus and concentration during prayer.

3. Purpose: The prayer dress allows women to maintain modesty, focus, and a sense of devotion during their prayer. It symbolizes the importance of the prayer ritual.

4. How to Wear: The prayer dress is a one-piece garment that can be easily put on and taken off. It can be worn over or under regular clothing. When it’s time for prayer, simply slip it on, and after prayer, remove it effortlessly.

5. When to Use: The prayer dress can be worn during each prayer. It helps create a sense of humility and mindfulness during your daily prayers.

Advantages of the One-Piece Prayer Dress:

  • Comfort: The loose fit and lightweight fabric of the prayer dress allow for unrestricted movement during prayer.
  • Focus: The unique design helps you concentrate on your prayer with less distraction.
  • Modesty: The prayer dress fully covers your body, ensuring a more serene prayer experience.

The prayer dress enables a more comprehensive and respectful worship experience. Choose the most suitable prayer dress now and enjoy a deeper connection with Allah. Visit our website to explore our wide range of options and make your purchase. Experience the ease of approaching Allah with reverence!

Practical wearable in one piece. You can use it comfortably while praying or in daily life. You can easily wear it and take it off.
Solid color long sleeve abaya for women



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