Number of Beads: 17 (contact for 33 beads)

Bead Diameter:12mm

Material: Epoxy


Photographed Prayer Beads / Picture Prayer Beads

Art and tradition come together! Enjoy a unique gift experience with our specially designed photo prayer beads. These prayer beads, handcrafted with epoxy material, immortalize the most special moments of your loved ones.


Each rosary is personalized with carefully selected photographs placed inside. This special product is much more than just a rosary. It is the perfect choice to give an unforgettable gift to your loved ones or to immortalize your own special moments.


These prayer beads, prepared with quality and care in every detail, dazzle with their elegant design. In addition to being a unique work of art, you can also use it as an accessory that will make your daily worship more meaningful.


Discover our unique photo prayer beads to give yourself or your loved ones an unforgettable gift. It is waiting for you with special design and personalization options!


A Unique Gift!


Special photo rosaries can be given as gifts to your loved ones on various special occasions and occasions. Here are a few examples:


Birthday Gift

It can be the perfect gift to surprise your loved ones on their birthday and immortalize special moments.


Wedding or Engagement Gift


You can give a newlywed couple a rosary that carries their unforgettable moments as a wedding or engagement gift.


Mother's Day or Father's Day


You can choose it as an emotional gift for your parents on their special days. A personalized rosary, especially with pictures of mother or father, will have an emotional meaning.




As a special anniversary gift, you can give a photo rosary that reminds you of the important moments of your relationship.


Special Celebrations


You can give it as a meaningful gift to your loved ones on special celebrations such as graduation, promotion, retirement.


Religious and Spiritual Celebrations


You can choose it as a gift with a high spiritual meaning during religious holidays such as Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha or special days of worship.


Friendship Day or Friendship Day


You can give it to your close friends as a gift symbolizing your friendship and values.


Memorial Days: You can also choose memorial days to keep the memory of a loved one you lost alive. By carrying the photos of your loved ones on prayer beads, you can always feel them close to you.


Overall, custom photo rosaries are a great way to present a sentimental and personal gift to your loved ones.


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