Prayer Clothes Khaki Green

Prayer Clothes Khaki Green

Price : $33.00
Vat included : $33.00

Prayer dress with attached scarf

Dress measurements:

Mannequin Length: 1.73 cm

S and M:
Shoulder 46cm
Height 136 cm (calculated from the shoulder)

L and XL:
Shoulder 50cm
Height 138 cm (calculated from the shoulder)

2XL and 3XL:
Shoulder 55cm
Height 140 cm (calculated from the shoulder)

Any size available, including the large size

* Jersey Lycra Fabric,
* Does not require ironin.
* It is plain color and patternless fabric.
* For 4 seasons.
* One piece with a headscarf,
* Practical and easy to wear.
* There is no need to use a bone.
* The headscarf looks like a half cape from the front and back, it covers the shoulders up to the chest.
* It does not show the body lines.
* Suitable for use on clothing.
* The arm part is half bat cut, it provides comfortable movement.
* Zero collar.
* It has its own bag, employees, those who go on a journey and those who want to perform their prayers outside can easily carry it in their bags.


Elevate Your Prayer Experience: Embrace Modest and Stylish Attire, Shipped Worldwide

In the realm of Islamic devotion, the significance of modest prayer attire is profound. It embodies respect, faith, and cultural identity. Step into our captivating array of prayer garments, meticulously curated to meet the diverse needs of modern Muslim women worldwide. Seamlessly blending timeless modesty with contemporary style, our collection offers a path to a more profound prayer experience while celebrating your unique identity.

1. Embrace Your Identity with Modesty and Elegance:

For the contemporary Muslim woman, prayer is more than a routine; it’s a spiritual connection. Our collection pays homage to the timeless allure of modesty while celebrating your diverse heritage. From the classic grace of an abaya to the intricate charm of a niqab, the modern flair of a hijab, or the versatile chic of a khimar – each piece is a canvas that brings out your faith and culture.

2. Beyond the Mat: Elegance Beyond Prayer:

Imagine prayer attire that seamlessly complements your daily life. The same elegance that enhances your prayers becomes an expression of your personal style beyond the sacred space. Your devotion transforms into a statement, resonating with every stride.

3. The Gift of Empowerment:

Imagine the joy of gifting a loved one with a symbol of devotion and cultural pride. A prayer dress, khimar, or niqab isn’t just clothing; it’s a heartfelt gesture that empowers them to blend faith and fashion seamlessly. Perfect for special occasions or as a thoughtful gesture, these garments radiate warmth and unity.

4. Merging Tradition with Modernity:

Picture the seamless fusion of traditional values and modern aesthetics. Our prayer attire collection is a bridge between conservative roots and contemporary sensibilities, a reflection of your values in the modern world.

5. Universality of Modesty and Faith:

The prayer dress, abaya, niqab, hijab, and khimar transcend borders and cultures. They symbolize more than just fabric; they embody universal values of modesty and devotion. Wear them proudly in the mosque, treasure them at home, and carry them wherever you go – a testament to the enduring power of faith.

Comfort for Every Body, Shipped Worldwide:

Our prayer garments are thoughtfully designed to embrace diverse body types, ensuring comfort and style intertwine harmoniously. With our global shipping service, you can experience this profound connection to faith and style from anywhere in the world.

Unlock the Essence of Modesty and Style:

Whether you’re drawn to a contemporary abaya, a versatile prayer dress, an intricately designed niqab, or a chic khimar, our collection caters to your preferences, ensuring comfort and style effortlessly coexist. Order now and celebrate your role as a modern Muslim woman – embracing modesty, style, and faith with grace.

Practical wearable in one piece. You can use it comfortably while praying or in daily life. You can easily wear it and take it off.
Solid color long sleeve abaya for women



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