One Piece Practical Prayer Dress For Women

One Piece Practical Prayer Dress For Women

Price : $33.00
Vat included : $33.00

Prayer dress with attached scarf

Dress measurements:

Mannequin Length: 1.73 cm

S and M:
Shoulder 46cm
Height 136 cm (calculated from the shoulder)

L and XL:
Shoulder 50cm
Height 138 cm (calculated from the shoulder)

2XL and 3XL:
Shoulder 55cm
Height 140 cm (calculated from the shoulder)

Any size available, including the large size

* Jersey Lycra Fabric,
* Does not require ironin.
* It is plain color and patternless fabric.
* For 4 seasons.
* One piece with a headscarf,
* Practical and easy to wear.
* There is no need to use a bone.
* The headscarf looks like a half cape from the front and back, it covers the shoulders up to the chest.
* It does not show the body lines.
* Suitable for use on clothing.
* The arm part is half bat cut, it provides comfortable movement.
* Zero collar.
* It has its own bag, employees, those who go on a journey and those who want to perform their prayers outside can easily carry it in their bags.


Guidelines for Modest Attire in Women’s Prayer and the Utility of Various Garments:

The regulations regarding modest clothing for women during prayer, as per Islamic customs, are of utmost significance to uphold reverence and humility during this sacred practice. Here, we delve into the principles of women’s attire during prayer, encompassing a range of culturally diverse garments, including burkas, abayas, hijabs, prayer dresses, khimars, and niqabs:

1. Attire Standards: When preparing for prayer, women are advised to dress in a manner that conceals their physique and adheres to the principles of modesty. A headscarf, commonly referred to as a hijab, can be complemented by a flowing abaya, a voluminous burka, a graceful khimar, or even a combination thereof, all of which contribute to fulfilling the requisites of proper covering.

2. Role of Prayer Dresses: The concept of a prayer dress is universally relevant and accommodates various styles. Be it a simple yet elegant abaya, a comfortable and convenient prayer dress, or a classic and veiling niqab, these garments are designed to facilitate focus and devotion during the act of prayer.

3. Intent behind Attire Selection: Embracing a specific form of attire, such as a khimar, niqab, or hijab, is a conscious decision that women make to foster a sense of humility, respect, and concentration while engaging in the act of prayer.

4. Practical Usage: Among the options available, a prayer dress, which may also encompass elements of the abaya, burka, or hijab, serves as a versatile choice. This garment, designed as a single piece for easy donning, can be effortlessly worn before commencing prayer and removed afterward.

5. Timing of Use: A khimar, niqab, abaya, or hijab can be integrated into one’s prayer ensemble as per personal preference and cultural norms. These garments can enhance the experience of daily prayers by creating an environment of piety and introspection.

Embracing Diversity in Attire:

  • Modesty and Variance: By incorporating a prayer dress, khimar, niqab, or hijab into one’s prayer ritual, individuals are provided with a means to express their devotion while embracing the rich diversity of Islamic clothing styles.
  • Cultural Harmony: This diverse array of garments allows women to practice their faith while adhering to cultural customs, fostering a harmonious blend of spirituality and identity.

Experience the Essence of Prayer Attire:

Delve into the world of prayer garments, including burkas, abayas, hijabs, prayer dresses, khimars, and niqabs. Explore the selection available on our website, where you can discover the perfect choice to elevate your spiritual encounters. Whether you opt for a traditional abaya, a contemporary prayer dress, or an intricate niqab, make your purchase now and embrace a more profound connection to your devotional practices. Experience the ease of reverence – order today!**

Practical wearable in one piece. You can use it comfortably while praying or in daily life. You can easily wear it and take it off.
Solid color long sleeve abaya for women


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