East to Wear One Piece Prayer Dress Navy Blue

East to Wear One Piece Prayer Dress Navy Blue

Price : $33.00
Vat included : $33.00

Prayer dress with attached scarf

Dress measurements:

Mannequin Length: 1.73 cm

S and M:
Shoulder 46cm
Height 136 cm (calculated from the shoulder)

L and XL:
Shoulder 50cm
Height 138 cm (calculated from the shoulder)

2XL and 3XL:
Shoulder 55cm
Height 140 cm (calculated from the shoulder)

Any size available, including the large size

* Jersey Lycra Fabric,
* Does not require ironin.
* It is plain color and patternless fabric.
* For 4 seasons.
* One piece with a headscarf,
* Practical and easy to wear.
* There is no need to use a bone.
* The headscarf looks like a half cape from the front and back, it covers the shoulders up to the chest.
* It does not show the body lines.
* Suitable for use on clothing.
* The arm part is half bat cut, it provides comfortable movement.
* Zero collar.
* It has its own bag, employees, those who go on a journey and those who want to perform their prayers outside can easily carry it in their bags.


Elevating Prayer Attire: Celebrating Modest Diversity with Modern and Conservative Styles for Muslim Women

In the vibrant tapestry of Islamic devotion, the significance of modest attire during prayer resonates deeply. It is a reflection of reverence, devotion, and cultural identity. We delve into an array of prayer garments, each a blend of modern aesthetics and conservative values, meticulously crafted for Muslim girls and women across the globe. Discover the grace of prayer while embracing your unique identity, style, and faith.

1. Embracing Identity through Modest Attire:

For the contemporary Muslim girl or woman, prayer isn’t just a ritual; it’s a moment of profound connection. Within our collection, you’ll find the harmonious fusion of modern trends and timeless modesty. Whether it’s the elegant drape of an abaya, the intricate detailing of a niqab, the chic sophistication of a hijab, or the versatile coverage of a khimar – each piece carries the essence of modesty and serves as a symbol of your faith and cultural heritage.

2. Prayer Attire Beyond the Mat:

Imagine the joy of a prayer dress, khimar, or hijab that not only enhances your prayer experience but also seamlessly transitions into your daily life. The same conservative elegance that uplifts your spirit during prayer becomes an expression of your identity outside the sacred space. It’s a way to carry your devotion with grace in every step you take.

3. Perfect Gift:

Delight in the thought of presenting a loved one with the gift of modest prayer attire. Whether it’s a milestone event or a simple gesture of appreciation, a prayer dress, khimar, or niqab speaks volumes. It encapsulates devotion, embraces cultural pride, and empowers them to embrace their faith with poise and style.

4. Celebrating the Fusion of Styles:

Picture the perfect fusion of conservative design and modern aesthetics. Our prayer attire collection exemplifies the union of traditional values with contemporary sensibilities. It allows you to celebrate your devotion while navigating the demands of modern life, all without compromising your style or principles.

5. A Universal Expression:

The prayer dress, abaya, niqab, hijab, and khimar – they traverse cultures and continents. They are more than garments; they are universal symbols of modesty and faith. Wear them with pride at the mosque, within the comfort of your home, and even when you step outside, emanating the unifying power of your beliefs.

Celebrate Your Faith, Embrace Your Modernity:

Explore our diverse array of prayer garments that bridge the gap between modernity and conservatism. These are not mere clothes; they’re a reflection of your devotion, your style, and your cultural heritage. With each piece, you carry forward a legacy of modesty and empowerment.

Unlock the Essence of Modest Prayer Attire:

Whether you’re drawn to a contemporary abaya, a versatile prayer dress, an intricately designed niqab, or a chic khimar, our collection caters to your diverse preferences. Enhance your spiritual journey, adorn yourself in modest prayer attire, and stride confidently through life’s diverse moments. Order today and celebrate the beauty of being a modern Muslim woman – embracing modesty and style, both in prayer and beyond.

Practical wearable in one piece. You can use it comfortably while praying or in daily life. You can easily wear it and take it off.
Solid color long sleeve abaya for women



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